Need Of Nurses In India

Need of nurses in India – Nursing, a profession that saves thousands of life considered to be far greater than a hero. The field is not just associated with the females but also requires males to do so. Today, the demand for nursing in India is a bit nice but requires more to serve. Today, we’ll discuss the need for nurses in India. Scroll down.

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Growth Of Nursing In India

Growth of Nursing in India – “Save one life, you are a hero and save a hundred lives, you are a nurse.” Nurse word is now not associated with the females only. This depicts the growth of nursing in India quite well. But unfortunately, the country is confronting the shortfall of 1.94 million nurses as per the INC and WHO data. Even after being at the blooming growth phase, this shortage of nurses in India is quite challenging to fulfil. There are many ups and down in the growth of nursing in India from past many years. We are going to give an idea of that.

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