Mission & Vision

The college of Nursing believes that the Degree/Diploma/Certificate Course in nursing will prepare nurses for first level position in Nursing in both Hospital and Community. Practice of Nursing requires a good understanding of basic scientific principles and it is influenced by advances in Sciences and Technology. Students are helped to develop a sense of pride in their profession to have a desire to continue to learn and to teach throughout their life. The faculty of the Institute of Nursing accepts the responsibility of helping the students to be competent practitioners.


  1. The aim is to prepare nurses to practice at first level position in the hospital and community to provide primary, secondary and tertiary health care.
  2. To impart upto date knowledge to students and equip them with skills required for quality nursing care based on scientific principles.
  3. To develop an understanding of behavioral Sciences applied in meeting the Nursing needs of patient.
  4. To develop an ability to plan and implement nursing care, for promotion of health, prevention of disease, rehabilitation and in meeting emergency situations.
  5. To develop an ability to communicate effectively.
  6. To prepare students as an important member of a health team.