Operation Theatre Attendant

Operation Theatre Attendant  – Operation Theater Attendant Medical is a Certificate of Study course offered by Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing under the Health Sciences stream and is a part of the Sub-department of Technical and Other Medical Courses, which is a part of the Department of Technical and Other Medical Courses Is part of. In the operating room of a hospital, an Operation Theater Attendant performs a variety of tasks. You may set up and maintain operating room equipment in preparation for surgery.

Operating room technicians are responsible for transporting patients for surgery and providing technical support during procedures. You can take the patients back to the hospital ward after helping them recover. Operating room technicians need to be well-organized and have a keen eye for detail. You must be able to follow instructions closely and perform proper exercises. Operating Theater Technicians must be able to collaborate well with others and have strong communication abilities

About Operation Theatre Attendant

An operating theater attendant is an important member of the healthcare team when it comes to patient care. The person concern is well-versed in all aspects of working in an operating room, including infection control and biomedical waste management. The Operation Theater Attendant will be able to set up rooms, maintain equipment, perform personal hygiene checks, sterilize equipment, and assist nurses and surgeons with a variety of tasks during and after treatment, such as completing paperwork.

Although he may have to deal with patients and family members who may be mentally challenged, an Operation Theater Attendant needs to be polite and kind. Operation Theater Attendants, also known as operating room technicians, keep operating rooms clean before, during, and after procedures. In addition, they support surgical procedures under the supervision of nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists.

Operation Theater Helper Job Roles in India

Listed below are the roles available for Operation Theatre Attendant:

Dental Assistant – Operation Theater Attendants who also work as dental assistants are available. The only difference is that it will take place in a dental office, not an operating room. They are responsible for scheduling appointments, keeping track of paperwork, and taking X-rays.

Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists – They are in charge of administering clinical trials and maintaining laboratory equipment. They analyze samples and bodily fluids using microscopes, laboratory equipment, and computers to detect and diagnose abnormalities.

Medical Assistant – Medical assistants take medical histories, keep track of patients’ vital signs, and monitor them. In hospitals and clinics, they are also in charge of performing clinical and administrative tasks for doctors.

Career After Operation Theatre Technology in India

The demand for professionals in the disciplines of operation theatre, medical ethics, anesthetic techniques, and post-operation care is being met by careers in operation theater technology. Hospitals that hire surgical or operating room technicians make up the majority of the operating theater technology market. An operating theater technician may work in the following areas:

Consultant anesthetist or assistant – A physician who recommends the appropriate anesthesia level and dosage for a patient during treatment or surgery is known as a consultant anesthetist or assistant.

Associate Consultant – By overseeing projects, the Associate Consultant assists the Principal Consultant in providing services to clients.

Lab Technician – All the equipment in the laboratory is handled by the lab technician. He is in charge of managing the maintenance phase of the lab.

Operating Theater Technician – The Operating Theater Technician is responsible for maintaining all lab equipment and the operating room. These specialists are employe in hospitals and in intensive care units and emergency rooms.

Operation Theatre Assistant Salary in India

The training enables the professional to handle surgical procedures perfectly. The need for qualified and talented OT specialists is increasing every day, from pre and post-operative care to the operating room to help administer the proper dose of anesthesia to patients. They help maintain the proper decorum and code of conduct in the OT by following guidelines, and they do much more than assist surgeons. Some professionals choose to pursue more advanced degrees to improve their educational credentials and advance in their careers. This program combines creative labour with perceptive interpersonal abilities in the healthcare industry.

In India, the average annual salary for an Operation Theater Assistant is Rs 2.1 lakh or $17.5 thousand. The latest salaries provid by various Operation Theater Assistants from different sectors were use to estimate the salary. 

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