Types of Nursing Careers – Are you planning to enter into the healthcare industry with a nursing educational background? Then it will be really wise to know all the types of nursing careers. Because you will get an idea of which career will suits you better. Nursing is a field where you get the chance to serve for humanity. And at you can earn lucrative salary packages simultaneously. Being a saviour of thousands of lives and you can choose any nursing role you want to play. So let’s check out the types of nursing careers you can grow in.

Types Of Nursing CareersYou don’t need to charities or look for a chance to work for the welfare of society when you are a nurse. Because you will be saving thousands of lives. There are various nursing courses which you can opt for to be eligible for different types of nursing careers. Either you can enter the entry-level jobs and then grow further, or can go for higher studies with being eligible to higher salary packages. Keep moving further to check out the nursing career opportunities available in India and abroad too.

Types of Nursing Jobs

If you are opting for a nursing career, be calm, because you are not going to enjoy the best recession proof career. This is the best career choice you can make. You will not have to get tossed about for the jobs even after a nursing diploma course. Here is the list of some top nursing careers which you can try your hand in.

Registered Nurse

The most popular one is the registered nurses. These nurses can fit into any work settings. You can work in hospitals, NGOs, clinics, or any other workplace. The roles and responsibilities will be regarding patient care, overall health management, and several other minor activities. You are eligible for becoming a registered nurse either with an associate diploma in nursing or a B.Sc. degree in nursing. Even in  RN, you will get different types of registered nurses with a different diploma or degree holder

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners come with an extra level of authority than registered nurses and a level lower than a doctor. Because an NP can check the patient with diseases and can prescribe medicines but under the senior healthcare professional guidance. You will need to be a nursing degree holder in order to become an NP. Here you will be performing all senior-level tasks but under proper supervision.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Are you looking for an entry-level nursing job, become an LPN then. With a practical nursing diploma, you can enjoy good salary packages and learnings as a licenced practical nurse. You can indulge in nursing activities like observation, timely patient care, and giving injections. And then with further education and training, you can keep stepping up in your career ladder.

Intensive Care Nurse

If you want a challenging work environment, intensive care nursing job is surely made for you. Because you have to work in very complex situations. Intensive care nursing is also known as critical care nursing. You need to have a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in order to become an ICN. And certification of CCRN will also be an eligibility requirement. But for that position, you will need to be competent, passionate, and responsible enough.

Travel Nurse

Who told you that nursing is a job where you need to be rigid at one place? If you are a travelling lover, nursing is such a big sector that proffers career opportunities for you too. This is most probably be connected to some kind of temporary job roles. In this kind of job, you must be working with a healthcare agency which delegates you the job responsibilities in either the different region of the country or other countries. An associate nursing diploma or a B.Sc. nursing degree will be sufficient to enjoy travel nursing job roles.

Some Other Best Nursing Jobs You can Opt for

Aforementioned nursing job positions are only a few drops from the ocean of nursing scope. There are several other types of nursing specialities which are going to grab your attention and interest. There are various other job roles you can try your hand in to as per your interest and pay packages. There are various types of nursing jobs and salaries in which either the job role may attract you or the package you will be getting. Here is the list of nursing jobs other than the aforementioned one to widen the alternatives for you. Check out them one by one.

  1. Medical-surgical nurse.
  2. Forensic nursing.
  3. Operating room nurse.
  4. Neonatal nurse.
  5. Emergency room nurse.
  6. Home health nurse.
  7. Neonatal ICU nurse.
  8. Nurse anaesthetist.
  9. Pediatric nurse.
  10. Clinical nurse specialist.
  11. Home health nurse.
  12. Staff nurse.


These are the best type of nursing careers list we have compiled for you. Now it’s your interest and preference which one you find suitable for you. There is a different type of nursing degrees and diplomas to help you reach your decided career goal. So make the best career choice, get the best training, and then enjoy long and lucrative career growth.

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