BSc Nursing Fees – Assuming that you are reading this post, I am sure you must be one of the Nursing aspirants. Actually, if you are looking for confidential nursing college fees information about BSc Nursing fees in India then this is the best chance. This post will be a long piece that will add additional insight about BSc Nursing confirmation and various subtleties. You can also read our detailed post about the BSc Nursing course fee structure in private colleges.

BSc Nursing Fees in IndiaAs you probably know that B.Sc Nursing is a four-year college class, and you have to pay a fee every year. In addition to educational expenses, you will need to pay a fee for a hostel, mess, materials, examination, etc. This fee depends on the college and here we will discuss the fee structure for nursing in India.

What is a BSc Nursing Course?

The BSc Nursing course is an undergraduate degree program that trains students in the areas of critical care and teaches the values needed to become a nurse. The undergraduate program is of 4 years duration followed by a compulsory internship of 6 months. Students will participate in class studies, projects, and assignments during the course.

The students of the B.Sc Nursing course have a moral obligation to act as responsible citizens by following a code of ethical values. Nurses play an important role in uniting society. They act as the backbone of medical services in any nation.

Things You Must See When Joining any Nursing College

Before taking admitted to any nursing college, you must check whether the college is suitable for you or not. Make a checklist of the things you need in college. We have compiled a list of things that you must check before joining the Nursing College:

  • Best patient exposure.
  • Excellent clinical faculties.
  • Excellent clinical teachings.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Easy to access.
  • Good climatic conditions.
  • Approved by the nursing council of India.

What subjects are taught in B.Sc Nursing?

The curriculum for a BSc Nursing degree includes core subjects such as Human Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Patient Care, Medication, and others, as well as electives and additional subjects such as Computer Science, English, Education Technology, Soft Skills, and so on.
What is the salary package offered to a B.Sc Nursing graduate?
The average salary of a BSc nurse in India varies from INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria for Nursing

According to the National Health Policy 2002, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year undergraduate program focused on developing critical care advanced thinking skills proficiency, and values required for the practice of professional nursing and midwifery.

The curriculum has been simplified to allow students to address the health needs of the nation, society, and individuals. The program prepares students to be responsible citizens by requiring them to adhere to a code of moral values and conduct at all times while carrying out personal, social, and professional responsibilities in order to respond to national objectives.

Nursing is involved in almost every aspect of healthcare, and nursing practitioners play an important role in it. They play an important role in connecting patients with doctors. Doctors do not perform all duties; nurses are in charge of pre and post-operative procedures.

They also contribute to the medical profession by assisting physicians with a variety of procedures and procedures. They monitor charts and stay on top of treatments.

Eligibility for Nursing Undergraduates

To some extent, the prerequisites for nursing students remain straightforward. Most colleges list the following requirements:

  • The student may have completed classes 10 and 12 at a recognized board or institute.
    At the class 12 level, they should have received at least 50%.
  • Students must have a scientific background. Their main subjects should have been biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
  • For Nursing Postgraduates Course

Below are the qualifying requirements that universities consider when making admissions decisions:

BSc Nursing Course Fees | BSc Nursing Fee Structure 2022

B.Sc Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate degree course; In India, it is registered and controlled by the Indian Nursing Council and several state registration council bodies such as HPNRC, MPNRC, TNNRC, etc., which vary from state to state. Nurses and healthcare professionals are always in high demand all over the world.

The fees for BSc Nursing courses differ for both government and private colleges in India. Government nursing colleges in India charge around 2000 to 8000 INR per year, while private colleges charge 20,000 to 1,000,000 INR per year. The fees of government nursing colleges are much less compared to private colleges.

Benefits of Taking Nursing Admission Through Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing

If you are taking admission to any nursing college in India through us then Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing provides many benefits. Major features are listed below:

  • Advance seat booking facility available.
  • Full cooperation in college selection.
  • Educational loan assistance.
  • Scholarship for deserving candidates.
  • Free educational kit and study material.
  • Full placement support.
  • Best after support for candidates.


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