Top 10 Nursing Colleges in Punjab – Choosing nursing as a professional career is your best selfless action of yours. And if you are looking for the best nursing colleges in Punjab, we will help you to serve our country with the best nursing manpower and skills. This can be possible when our youth will be able to get the required knowledge and training. Therefore, to start your nursing career, we are mentioning here the top 10 nursing colleges in Punjab.

Top nursing colleges in IndiaNurses are the one which dispense compassion, caring, and comfort without any prescription. So don’t look for opportunities to do social work, when you can earn for that and work for humanity at the same time. You can do that by opting for the best courses. The number of nursing colleges in Punjab is many.

Be wise to make the right choice to choose the best institute in Punjab, India. Research work is always more fruitful in comparison to picking up the right option for you. Find the top nursing colleges and then choose which you find the most suitable for you. To have a general idea, you can have a look at the below-mentioned list of the top 10 nursing colleges in Punjab.

List of Top 10 Nursing Colleges in Punjab

The nursing profession comes with a number of opportunities in the long run. You can enjoy job opportunities in India and abroad too. But for that, your knowledge, skills, and passion will matter a lot. The best foundation you keep for this knowledge and training, growth will be more for sure. Below mentioned list of best 1o colleges in Punjab will help you better to keep a strong foundation, scroll down to know the names.

Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing

Presenting Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing in the very first place holds some specific reasons. If you want to learn the best skills and want to grab the maximum of the field knowledge, there cannot be any other better option than MSCKN. The students love to join the college for a bright future career.

The qualities of Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing is one of the Top colleges in Punjab. There are a number of diploma courses available in their curriculum. Following are some of the major qualities, why you should choose MSCKN, scroll down.

  • Variety of courses.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Experienced and highly skilled faculty.
  • Student-friendly environment.
  • Talent enhancement platforms too.
  • Internship and placements with top hospitals.
  • 100% placement offers.

Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot

One of the best college in Punjab is Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. This university is running its activities since 1998. It is working in association with the top colleges too. They are offering you the most successful career and the students are getting the best career opportunities in India and abroad too.

Rayat Bahra University, Mohali

There are only a few colleges which are offering vocational courses in multiple fields. Rayat Bahra is the top one of them. There are a number of nursing courses and the faculty staff is also appointed from the best-skilled personnel in the field. In addition, the course fee is also charged by keeping the affordability factor in mind. That’s why being ranked as the top institute in Punjab.

Chitkara University

Another name that you must have heard about is Chitkara University. Chitkara University proffers quality professional courses in different fields. Maximum admissions are there every year in the nursing courses. This is the most preferred college in Punjab because of the amazing facilities available.

Adesh University, Bhatinda

One of the best nursing training colleges in Punjab is Adesh University. For a bright future, you can join Adesh University. The learning environment is the most appropriate out there. The faculty guides are really helpful to impart the best knowledge and skills to make them ready according to current and future needs. The placements are also there with the best hospitals.

Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana

The list of the top 10 nursing colleges in Punjab includes Dayanand Medical College as well. Because the results and placements with Dayanand Medical College are growth and opportunity providers. They will make you ready with the best of their knowledge and training and the rest depend upon your efforts and passion for the profession.

Desh Bhagat University, Gobindgarh

Choosing Desh Bhagat University to pursue your career can be the right choice too. Because the students who are out of this college are working in the best positions and enjoying a successful careers. The results of the college are also excellent.

Baba Mehar Singh Memorial College, Gurdaspur

If you want to get admission to Gurdaspur for a nursing course, Baba Mehar Singh Memorial College can be a fruitful choice. Because this is giving the best nurse manpower to the country and lets their students enjoy a hike in their career at every step.

Adarsh College of Nursing, Patiala

The number of training institutes in Punjab is many, but the top ones are few, and Adarsh College of Nursing is one of them. So you can also opt to join Adarsh College to start your nursing career. The fee structure is also not so high.

Army College of Nursing, Jalandhar

If you are one who loves the rules and regulations with proper discipline then select the Army College of Nursing which is situated in Jalandhar. All the students get placements with the best companies and hospitals. The results are also ranked in the list of top achievers.


Now we assume that we are able to guide you a little bit to find the best training institute in Punjab. You can take a degree from any college, but knowledge and skills are the factors that will decide your success in the future and will matter a lot to get a growing career. Therefore, these are the top 10 nursing colleges in Punjab, compare and then choose which you can afford and which will be best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions  About Top 10 Nursing Colleges In Punjab

What is the main role of nurses?

The main role of the nurse is to provide care to sick and injured people.

Which nurse is highly paid?

One of the most highly-paid nurses is The certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Which is the highest paying country for a nurse?

The UK is the highest-paying country for nurses.

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