Is Nursing a good career in IndiaIs Nursing a better option? Is Nursing a good career in India? Here, if you’re planning to build your career in Nursing then this article is beneficial for you. The study will show you what requires for being a nurse. Because taking care of some’s health is not a joke, it requires focus to assist. Now, scroll down.

Is Nursing A Good Career In India

Importantly, Nurses never remain unemployed, as this profession scope in both the private and governmental sectors. Employment areas like hospitals, clinics, industries, old aged homes, orphanages, etc. need nurses for health care services. They can be appointed as a teacher or tutor as well.

Today, India has 1200 nursing degree schools, 2000 of diploma schools and 281 post-graduate nursing colleges. Where almost 60,000 nurses are promoted by the nation. Further, to look for multiple diseases occurring in the community, nurses are appointed to prevent such in the best possible ways. So, check out the following article to know more about the future of nursing in India.

Describe the Specializations of nurses 

What are the career opportunities for nursing in India? Are you searching to make a better career with Nursing in India? Well, we’d like to inform you that choosing a nursing profession will be the best option for you to make a better future. Certainly, in order to serve the necessitous, nurses elect with multiple specializations. Those are:

  1. Critical care nursing
  2. Cardio-Thoracic nursing
  3. Emergency and disaster nursing
  4. Practitioner in Midwifery
  5. Psychiatric nursing
  6. Neonatal nursing
  7. Neuro nursing
  8. Nursing education and administration
  9. Oncology nursing
  10. Orthopedic and Rehabilitation nursing

What are the Eligibilities for admissions in Nursing fields?

Admission necessity for nursing in India varies due to different universities brings different criteria. In which, you’re likely to go through three basic levels or qualifications. Those are English, Maths, and Science (human biology or biology usually). Importantly, you’re basic must be strong to start a new one. Here, are the entry requirement in different Nursing fields below.

  • For taking admission in Undergraduate Nursing courses, a student must have a 12th level of certification in the medical field. He or she must have 55% of the average score. Further, the graduation will take 3-4 years to complete.
  • Getting acknowledgment to the Post-graduate Nursing course, a student must complete their graduation in Nursing. Also, the completion period for Post-graduation in nursing will be around 2 years.
  • Enrolling name in Nursing diploma courses (A.N.M/G.N.M), you need to complete 10th or equivalent. The diploma course will take up to one or two years to complete, the duration depends upon the course.
  • To get the entrance in Ph.D. Nursing, a candidate must have finished the Post-graduation successfully.

 What Skills are required for being a nurse? 

How to make a career in nursing? Being nursing requires proper understanding to guide the patients and skills to serve them. Only a special person who craves to serve the community and make the world a better place can become a nurse. Here, look at the skills are required to become a nurse. 

  • Passion to serve
  • Attention & Dedication
  • Communication & Time management
  • Emotional strength to understand
  • Capability to work for long hours
  • Objective and supportive powers

Is Nursing a good career in India?

Well, Nursing is an ideal filed for the one who can serve humanity. The one who is passionate about their work and has a spirit of caring people. Then Nursing is the right option for you. Further, nursing is a field that has an international scope and always on demand. Nurses have a lot to work, to guide, care, maintain and assist the patients’ needs. So, the scope of Nursing is very demanding.

Those who are new in such a field can earn Rs. 7,000-17,000 monthly. Secondly, the mind-level nurses can earn up to Rs. 18,000-37,000 monthly. Then the highly professional nurses will get Rs 48,000-72,000 per month(in-hand salary). Moreover, the nurses who’re appointed at the international level can earn in lacs. So, yes, the scope of nursing is far high and one can make a better career with it.


There is a huge call for skilled nurses globally. According to the study, probably 10 lacs of nurses are enrolled by the Indian Nursing Council. In which 4 lacs are serving actively and others are retired, engaged, and migrate. Last but not least, make a career in nursing provides several areas to work for. Hence, the study will guide you with the international scope of nursing.

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