Need of nurses in India – Nursing, a profession that saves thousands of life considered to be far greater than a hero. The field is not just associated with the females but also requires males to do so. Today, the demand for nursing in India is a bit nice but requires more to serve. Today, we’ll discuss the need for nurses in India. Scroll down.

Need Of Nurses In India

The appearance of the nursing profession is highlighted since 186. With the guidance of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. The growth of nursing has been proposed to serve the group by challenging health issues. Because nursing is a profession that serves the needy to improve the global health and quality of life. Now, read about the status of nurses in India below.

Importance of Nursing

Nursing is a service that involves sacrifice, trials, achievements, aim, focus, ambition, and aspiration.  Importantly, the proud legacy has been involved globally to redefine the ground to design, define, and delivery of health care to health care. Well, the Indian reality if less promising to do so.

Because India is facing a crippling shortage of nurses. Currently, there are around 1.7 nurses per 1000 population whereas WHO recommends 2.5 of them per 1000 of them. Further, this situation occurs due to the lack of education facilities and student’s enrolment. But the fact that Indian produces the highest number of nurses to compete globally. And included as almost the top 5 exporters of nurses.

This situation is extremely disturbing as nursing is not just a backbone but a crown that adorns the head of the hospital. Moreover, a manifestation of pride and status, nursing completes clinical awareness and understanding. As nurses can make a change in global health care issues. As they deliver a magical hop and warm to ease the patient.

Shortage of Nurses in India 

Doctor nurse ratio in India 2018? India has been reached at the shortage having 60,000 doctors over 2 million nurses on billions of population to care for. Because scientists have been found the poorly trained staff in administrating the antibiotics. This all happens to prevent the patients by providing life-saving drugs. However, the antibiotics are available, still, patients are inadequate to afford them.

According to the study, high out of medical income costs to the patients are produced limited govt. spending on health science. In India, every year 65% of health expenditure has been submitted that leads over 57 million people into poverty.  Globally, the annual rate of 57 million antibiotic treatable deaths appears due to a lack of income. Where the principal of treating bacterial infections results in the annual rate of 700,000 deaths from antibiotic-resistant infections.

  • We have a shortage of 4 million nurses in our country.
  • Due to the lack of career progression, Nursing becomes a dying profession in India.
  • Somehow, medical do not require the doctors but simply trained individuals.
  • There are 67% of nurses in the US but India producing not even the half.

Future of Nursing in India

A time when the professional nurses rating lower to serve, it was centered as bedside nursing in the hospitals. But today, the career opportunities are varying higher than before. Due to the increase in global health care issues, the demand for nurses increased. This happens to medicate people, maintain a record, assist the doctors, and prevent diseases. Here, we’ve mentioned the career options for such a field. Look at the list below.

  1.  Staff nurse serves direct patient care, supervision and assists ward management.
  2. Ward’s sister of the nursing supervisor to take the full charge of the ward or unit.
  3. A supervisor/assistant to manage the surgical department or death patients department.
  4. Deputy nursing superintendent to assists the nursing administration of the hospital.
  5. The director of nursing is responsible for both hospital’s nursing services and education.
  6. Community health nurse focuses on the reproductive child health program.
  7. The nursing teacher that functions and responsible for planning, teaching and supervising the nursing education for candidates.
  8. Industrial nursing works as first aid for community illness, accidents, education, and other industrial hazards.
  9. Military nursing services who earn the ranks from assistant to major general.
  10. Successfully trained independent nurses midwife practitioner pilot to project completely.

Wrap up

Hence, it has been confirmed that the need for nurses in India is a must and proved how many nurses in India are qualified. Although, Indian produces the largest number of nurses globally. Due to a lack of knowledge, facilities and education system, the shortage appears.  But according to the study, it has been estimated that Indian will generate 40 million new employment areas for the nurses by 2020.

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