GNM Nursing Course Admission Criteria – Out of several vocational courses, nursing can be the best remunerative career choice for you. You can take a start with ANM or GNM after 12th. So that you are interested in the second one, we will guide you for the GNM nursing course admission criteria here. There are different nursing colleges in India which are offering these quality courses. India is in need of over million nurses at present and therefore the sector is full of job opportunities. So to find whether you are eligible or not, get the insight into GNM admission eligibility criteria in India with us.

GNM Nursing Course Admission CriteriaThe percentage of GNM nursing colleges is high in comparison to the ANM, B.Sc. and M.Sc. nursing colleges in India. There will be a very minor difference in the GNM eligibility requirement at every nursing institute. We are here to guide you with the standard criteria of GNM nursing course admission. Because it is a job which will enable you to manage the health and lives of people. Therefore your compatibility must be enough to hold future responsibilities.

For the ones who are not aware, GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. You will be trained in providing general care and childbirth operations. Prevention of diseases, educating people about sanitation and hygiene, surgical operations and rehabilitation are all your job roles at your workplace. So to indulge yourself in that area and to enjoy a successful nursing career, make yourself eligible for the set GNM nursing course admission criteria.

What is GNM Nursing?

GNM or General Nursing and Midwifery is a 3.5-year course regularly called GNM Nursing. It is a certificate-level course that is suitable for those who need to build their future in clinical nursing.
GNM Nursing is 3.5 long part of length which is divided into 3 years of training and half year compulsory temporary job. Students find temporary positions in nursing homes, hospitals, and surprisingly private medical firms and companies. It is suitable for those who wish to assist destitute individuals and support specialists in individual emergency clinics.

Standard Eligibility Criteria for GNM Nursing Course Admission

What is eligibility for GNM? There are some common rules which are followed throughout the country. A huge percentage of educational institutes are imparting GNM training in India.

GNM Nursing Course Admission CriteriaThere are some customary rules which every institution is following to have students admission. So the most common GNM nursing course admission eligibility criteria are mentioned here, you can check out them.

  1. Physical and mental well beingness is mandatory.
  2. The aspirants who are between 17-35 years of age are eligible to get admission in GNM nursing course.
  3. You can join the GNM course after 12th in arts stream and core English subjects.
  4. Science stream students can get admission in General Nursing and midwifery.
  5. The ones who have completed their 12th in ANM vocational course are eligible to join GNM nursing courses.
  6. Registration with State Nursing Registration Council as ANM.
  7. It is mandatory to clear the 12th with the aggregate of 40% marks.
  8. The admission can be there once in a year only.

So these are some common qualifications for GNM nursing course admission in India. So match up your set of qualifications with these requirements and then choose India’s best GNM nursing college to get admission in. Be ready to invest 3 and a half years of your life to grab all that you can. Because the duration of GNM nursing course is a 3 years and 6 months internship programme.

What is the Scope of GNM in India and Abroad?

Whenever we are making an investment, man focus is always on the lucrative returns. Choosing a vocational course and institute is really a big investment. Because you will be investing your time, money, and career dreams. So it is quite obvious that you will be curious to know the scope before you take admission in GNM course.

GNM Nursing Course Admission CriteriaThe job profession is doing a great job in terms of growth and jobs. This is the best sector which is providing higher employability worldwide. And this will remain the same for years. Our country is looking for more skilled nurses which can perform their job roles in the most efficient manner.

There are several work opportunities after GNM which you can join in. You can work in public health centers, NGO’s community health centers, dispensaries, government and private hospitals, clinics etc. Even if you are interested in higher studies after GNM courses, you can go for that. That will improve your nursing pay scale high.

GNM Nursing Course Admission Criteria

Although the qualification eligibility requirements are almost similar. No two colleges will follow the same set of GNM admission procedure. Either you can prepare yourself for government colleges or can join a private nursing college. A government GNM nursing course admission criteria will most probably be on the basis of test, merits, and rankings. And we all know that the government sector will offer you more facilities.

GNM Nursing Course Admission CriteriaNo worries, even if you are willing to join a private nursing institution. Most probably, the maximum of private GNM nursing colleges opts for direct admissions. There can be some top nursing institutes of India which consider admissions after conducting the GNM eligibility examination.

One of the top nursing institutes of India 2019 is Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing. Here you can get proficient nursing training in any vocational course. First of all, you need to fill up the GNM admission form after being compatible with eligibility requirements. And congratulations you are welcomed to the profound knowledge source and a successful nursing career with Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing


So this is all that you need to know about the GNM nursing course admission criteria. Now pick up the best nursing college of India to start your training with. And there are some common obligations like GNM course fees which can range between Rs 25,000-Rs 1,50,000 annually. And be proficient for communication, interpersonal, and observation skills. Be more adaptable, adjustable, situation handler, and sympathetic. With all this, you can make it the best career choice for you.


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