Top Nursing Challenges In 2020 –  Being a high-pressure job, nursing as a career is best to choose. You have a lot of responsibilities as a nurse that is assisting in procedures, helping patients, updating paperwork, and much more. no doubt healthcare is incredibly important but also for nurses many problems cause issues. Well, there are many problems that nursing faces. Listing here the Top Nursing Challenges In 2020. 

Top Nursing Challenges In 2020

Well, there are a lot of challenges in nursing. Some of the challenges being the long working hours, staff shortages, meeting patient requirements, etc. This is because nursing is a profession that focuses on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life within the health care sector. 

Top Nursing Challenges In 2020

Many challenges came the way of nursing. Some of the top challenges in nursing are:

Shortage of staff

Hospitals save costs wherever they can to meet their budgets. This means at the busy times fewer members of staff are working. As they have less support while working long hours these cuts are putting greater pressure on staff.

There is a more hectic workload on the nurses that are on the wards when there are fewer nurses. Also, the 7.3 million nurses working in Europe are not enough to cope with the growing needs of the aging populations as stated by World Health Organisation (WHO).

Meeting Patient Expectations

Nurses are for meeting the patient’s high expectations. But unfortunately due to the budget and staffing cuts nurses are not able to meet the patient’s expectations well. It can also affect the morale and put the nurses under a great amount of negative stress when they hear patients are unhappy with their levels of service.

Hence by making enough nurses available on shift hospitals can help the nurses as everyone will have extra support available. Being tired at work can also cause health issues hence nurses must look after themselves as well.

Long Working Hours

This is not a new issue in front of us that nurses working more than the time they should. The ideal shift of the nurses that they are supposed to complete is a 12-hour shift but they are expected to work for additional overtime as well. Hence this is also one of the big challenges faced by the nurses. The reason behind this can be a serious accident that has stopped them for overtime or the staff cuts.

Hence the nurses must be offered good breaks after work as the job of nursing is physically and emotionally stressful. Hence nurses must take enough breaks for rest. As you are not working at your best when you are exhausted at work.

Violence at Workplace

Violence at the workplace is also suffered by nurses. It can be either from a verbal attack or sometimes can be even more serious. Mostly the nurses suffer from verbal violence during their career.

Also, you must prepare yourself where the nurses receive extensive training. To ensure you know what to do when someone is acting violently, Hospitals have risk assessments and control measures.

Hazards at Workplace

Nursing is a profession that requires working with needles, sharp tools, and heavy equipment. The staff should be trained properly to avoid accidents. Also to ensure they are safe, they must always follow the rules and regulations along with their colleagues.

Any potential hazard must be deal by the hospital immediately. For instance, walking on a wet floor can cause serious accidents. Also, the nurses can’t keep a check on the floor every time but they can wear the proper footwear to avoid any serious accident. They must wear slip-resistant grip healthcare shoes on slippery floors.

Personal health

Working in healthcare can cause stress-related health problems and is a stressful occupation. To help you unwind you need to relax and take time away from work. Working as a nurse is physically strenuous and mentally exhausting as well. Back problems and sore feet are some of the common problems that comes the way of nurses. Hence you can ease the problems in the 12 hours shift by wearing specially designed shoes.

Created specifically for healthcare professionals, health care shoes provide slip-resistant grip, comfortable insoles, and excellent support.


Hence these are the top nursing challenges a nurse faces. But it is also equally right that nothing comes easy, and all we need is effort. Hence you must make smart efforts to overcome these challenges as a nurse.




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