Top BSc Nursing Post Basic Colleges in Punjab – Growing at a faster pace, Nursing is a post that has a good scope in today’s times. Some new treatments and technologies are increasing at a rapid rate because of the rise in population and the advancement of medical science. Nurses are the individuals that help in taking proper care of the patients and who have the ability to deliver the best solutions. But for becoming a nurse one needs to gain a qualified degree and one of them is Bsc in Nursing. This blog will help you out in choosing the Top Bsc Nursing Post Basic Colleges in Punjab.

 Top BSc Nursing Post Basic Colleges in PunjabAfter pursuing a two or three years degree or a bachelor of science in nursing, Nurses can get into the profession. This 4 years degree gives the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to the nurses. To ensure that you get the knowledge on taking basic patient care, Nurses need to earn their Bsc nursing degree. During the job, the nurses get the opportunity to enhance their nursing leadership and also skills that will help in promoting health, and also they will get knowledge about the political, cultural, economic, and social factors. 

Skillset Required for Nursing

  • Physical Stamina- They must endure lengthy procedures while standing. Regular patient care is expected of them. They require physical stamina to endure physically demanding work for all of this.
  • Strong Mental Frame-Since they are at the bottom of the food chain, they frequently hear patients and doctors complain.
    They should prepare themselves to have a strong mental frame in order to endure all of this.
  • Presence of Mind-
    Nurses should be able to react to problems promptly.
    They must be able to handle difficult events in order to have this presence of mind, which is crucial.
    They are occasionally required to assist patients when a doctor is not accessible. Therefore, it’s crucial to be present.
  • Medical Knowledge- This is not so they can perform activities, but rather so they are equipped to handle unforeseen events.
  • Observational skills-Nursing students must watch the operations being performed and take notes. Their entire education is largely observation-based.
  • Organizational skills-
    Nurses have a lot of duties to manage. They must be organized in order to finish the tasks given to them on time.
    They must possess the capacity to complete their work accurately.
  • Dexterity- Dexterity is vital for nurses since they must execute a variety of tasks that call on them to be able to use their hands well.

Careers in Nursing and Salary

A nursing student has other options besides being a nurse. Many nursing students now complete their higher studies and focus on a particular area of medicine. Their demand and employment rates rise as a result.
In some hospitals, nurses are also given the task of rising to the position of manager and supervisor. They also start teaching; with the abundance of medical institutions in our nation, their chances of landing a job are excellent.
Another choice to consider is research.

Job Profiles





Nurse Educator Nursing education is the responsibility of a nurse educator.

They guide the nurses and provide assistance when needed.


Rs.4 lakhs p.a.
Nurse The duty of a nurse is to care for various patients.

They assist doctors with a variety of operations and set up the numerous tools and supplies needed for procedures.


Rs. 3 lakhs p.a.
Nurse Supervisor A group of nurses is under the supervision of supervisors.

The nurses are managed and their work is ensured.

They go through chart updates and other tasks carried out by nurses.


Rs. 4 lakhs p.a.
Professor After completing their nursing degrees, many choose to pursue careers in education.

These people are employed by various medical universities, both public and private.


Rs. 6 lakhs p.a.
Counselor Since they have frequent contact with patients, nurses take on the function of a counselor.

Every day, they offer assistance and direction to patients.


Rs. 5 lakhs p.a.

Top BSc Nursing Post Basic Colleges in Punjab 2021

Well, there are many BSc Nursing colleges in Punjab but not every college offers you the same environment career-building opportunities, and skills as well. Hence listing here the top Bsc Nursing Colleges that can help you In choosing the best college for Bsc Nursing while dwelling in Punjab. 

Mata Sahib Kaur College Of Nursing

Being run by the Management of education Society for Health Activities (ESHA) under the Chairmanship of Mr. Charanjit Singh Walia, Mata Sahib Kaur College Of Nursing is in Balongi (Mohali). In the whole Punjab region, this is one of the prestigious institutes. In the country as well as in foreign the nursing students of this college have separate identities. Stepping in  1998 and the college has  100% successful passing out of eight batches of General Nursing and Midwifery. 

The college is best for the superb infrastructure and physical facilities that are required for the physical, psychological, social, moral, and emotional development of a student, and also the college has a magnificent building. To impart quality education the college has qualified nursing professionals with Doctorate and Master’s Degree In Nursing. To encourage extracurricular activities they have spacious playgrounds, recreation rooms, and a gym as well. 

Amar Professional College Of Nursing

Being one of the Best B.Sc Nursing Colleges in Punjab, Amar Professional is a pioneer college for nursing education in India offering Basic and higher education programs. Providing and Promote Education and Research in the field of nursing is the primary goal of the College. The college aims at providing you with the best career in the nursing field. To train young women as professional nurses various nursing programs are there. In providing a wider aspect of job experience Amar Institute laid practical focus. 

Its practical educational infrastructure is what makes them a top Bsc nursing college in Chandigarh, Punjab. Through the internship, workshops, practical assignments, seminars, and guest lectures they provide great exposure to the students. 

Desh Bhagat Institute Of Nursing

Desh Bhagat Insitute Of Nursing is in Mandi Gobindgarh In the Punjab State of India. It was established in 2004. The college has accreditation by Indian Nursing Council. Also, it is affiliated with the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences and offers 5 courses in the stream of nursing and two degrees BSc and MSc. 


Hence these are the best colleges in Punjab if you want to pursue a career in nursing by doing the BSc Nursing Course. All the colleges are best for providing the high-quality skills and also the knowledge they impart and provide the best exposure to the students. 


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