Top 10 nursing colleges in Haryana – Nurses are the greatest advocate for patients. A person who provides the best health care service to injured or sick is a Nurse. Further, their duties are to work with doctors, manage the reports, and serve the medicine in great care. So if you want to become one then must read the following article. The article will provide you top 10 nursing colleges in Haryana. Besides, from which you may enhance your carrier opportunities in such a better field.

Top 10 Nursing Colleges In Haryana

Medical science is an evolving field with great innovation and technologies. To provide the best health care services to the patients and more. Certainly, nurses play a vital role in hospitals clinics and private practices. And the rate of the nurse is growing rapidly with the growth of the population. Not just in India but in other countries as well. Now, look at the article below.

Demand for Nursing Colleges in Haryana 

Haryana, one of the 29 states of India in the northern part of our country. As the largest investment receiver per capita since 2000. This state comes in one of the wealthiest and developing regions of South Asia. Furthermore, Haryana has 5th greatest income per capita among the Indian States. Also, the Haryana Civil Medical Service Association includes 14,00 active doctors. That works with 2500 members of the Association since 1986.

Top 10 nursing colleges in Haryana

Moreover, nursing is a higher respected filed. Globally, there is huge demand for professional and fully-skilled nurses today. That is why to make the student perfectly knowledgeable. Here, we come up with the best medical college of nursing in Haryana ranked below.

Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing, Chandigarh, Haryana

Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing is situated in Balongi (Mohali). This college is run by the management of education society for health activities. Further, this college is providing the best facilities for health care since 1998.

  • Magnificient buildings
  • Spacious classrooms with practical training
  • Professional teachers
  • Equipment of the latest technology
  • Friendly environment

 Om Sai Para-Medical College, Haryana

Om Sai Paramedical graduate college was started in 2004, to provide health care education to the deserving students. Moreover, the student shall be communicated with the community health training in both rural and urban areas. Importantly, it contributes useful medical aid to the hurting humanity group.

Om Sai Para-Medical College

  • Good building with spacious ground
  • Natural atmosphere
  • Latest technology equipment

Prem Institute of Medical science, Panipat, Haryana

Prem institute of nursing is serving the best facilities for the patient since 1979. Basically, with a dream of providing ultra-modern facilities. Our nursing home is transformed into 100 bedded super tertiary hospital.

Prem Institute of Medical science, Panipat, Haryana

  • Fully equipped center with multiple facilities.
  •  Experienced specialist to educate professional training.

Aryabhatt College of Nursing, Fatehabad, Haryana

Aryabhatt College of Nursing, Fatehabad is an undergraduate institute of nursing. Moreover, it will help you to learn the quality education & clinical support for the overall growth of professional nurses.

  • Highly trained teachers and WiFi campus
  • Freat infrastructure with air-conditioned rooms
  • 100% placement results

Birender Singh College of Nursing, Jind, Haryana

Birender Singh College of Nursing supports the state nursing council, Indian nursing council, and govt. of Haryana. This health care institute supports and corporate with the local community. Also, it aims to explore the education to become proficient nurses with perfect understanding and skills.

Birender Singh College of Nursing, Jind

  • Fully-equipped
  • Great facilities
  • Spacious to accommodate

Maharaja Agarsen Medical College, Agroha Hisar, Haryana

Maharaj Agarsen Medical Education & Scientific Research Society was started in 1998. Mainly, to provide the best health care services and great medical education.

Maharaja Agarsen Medical College, Agroha Hisar

  • International standard health care services
  • Excellent education

Lingayas Institue of Health Science, Faridabad, Haryana

The Lingayas Institue of Health science is a postgraduate college that bestows best teaching facilities. Here, it anticipates the collection of all broadcast education to the student to interact on an international platform.

Lingayas Institue of Health Science,

  •  Multiple courses
  • Great tool and equipment
  • Friendly faculty

Sharbati College of Nursing, Mahendargarh, Haryana

Sharbati College of Nursing bound with Pandit Bhagwat Dyal Sharma University of Health Sciences. Moreover, this post-graduate institute offers various courses in medical science and others since 2008.

Sharbati College of Nursing

  • Practical learning
  • Great campus
  • Friendly environment

Mata Shanti Devi institute of Nursing, Sirsa, Haryana

Tha Mata Shanti Devi institute of nursing is a developing institute of nursing. Generally, it offers a G.N.M program managed by “SBS social welfare trust” since 2005. And a charitable and inspired organization.

Mata Shanti Devi institute of Nursing,

  • Charitable trust
  • Professional management
  • Recognized as an Indian nursing council by the Govt. Of Haryana.

SGT University, Gurgaon, Haryana

SGT (Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary) University extends over a large area of 70 acres. Design with a beautiful lush green environment. Further, the university is in Gurugram since 1999. Mainly, it exists by the Haryana Private Universities to provide educational opportunities. Also, a society that protects Dashmesh Educational Charitable trust to seed the growth of education.

SGT University

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Latest technology
  • Innovative Leaders

Bottom line

With this aforementioned study, we hope you’ll find the best nursing colleges in Haryana. And enlarge your medical career with great opportunities.

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