The scope of GNM nursing course in India – GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery which has huge scope in India. The academic program of the GNM course is 3.5 years including internship. Nursing is a discipline that focuses on care, treatment or rehabilitation of patients. Nurses possess knowledge about the care of patient and medicines. They are trained to assist the doctors in supervised or independent setups.  
According to the website of Indian Nursing Council, 10+2, science stream Biology group (PCB) passed students are the most preferred ones. The students from arts background are also eligible for the GNM course.
The job criteria are also streaming for GNM students in India and offer good salaries to the candidates. If you want to go further in the same field then the growth rate high on the charts.

In India as well as in abroad the career opportunities in nursing is huge. As there is a need for more healthcare professionals in every country and the nurse plays the role of the foundation stone in the healthcare system.
Nursing is the profession which has large scope almost all the times.  With good knowledge and excellent skills, you can enjoy the scope of GNM nursing course in India and abroad as well.

Standard Eligibility Criteria for GNM Nursing Course Admission

If you are curious to know Eligibility criteria for GNM then there are few rules which need to be followed throughout the country. A huge ratio of students removing the head towards the GNM courses in order to build their strong career in it.

To have students admission there are some customary rules which every institution is following. The  GNM  nursing course eligibility criteria are mentioned here below.

  • Candidate must be physically and mentally fit.
  • Candidates between 17-35 years of age are eligible to get admission in GNM nursing courses.
  • If you are from the arts stream then also you are eligible for GNM course.
  • Students from science stream can get admission in General  Nursing and midwifery.
  • If you have completed your ANM vocational course are eligible to join GNM nursing courses.
  • Registration with State Nursing Registration Council as ANM.
  • The admission is open only once a year.
  • The aggregate of 40% marks in 12th is mandatory.

    These are the common qualification for GNM nursing course admission. If you want to pursue your career in GNM nursing then you have to follow these guidelines. Get admission in top GNM nursing colleges and enhance your skills in the particular field as the scope for GNM nursing courses in India are huge.

    What is the Scope of GNM in India and Abroad?

    Whenever the candidates plan to go for any particular field the first thing they look for the lucrative returns. Joining the vocational courses and getting admission in big institutes or colleges is a big investment. Definitely, the students would curious to know the scope for that particular field before taking the admission in GNM.

    The nursing profession is the best in terms of growth and jobs. This sector is providing employment worldwide. This will remain for coming years as well because of the demand for nursing staff will never decrease. Hospitals require professionals more and more in today’s era. So this is the best profession ever.

    After GNM there are several work opportunities which you can join in. In hospitals, NGO’s, public health centres, dispensaries, clinics there is a number of job opportunities for GNM candidates. After the course of GNM, you can easily get a job in any of these spots and can earn a huge profit with healthy salaries. In all the aspects this profession is the utmost.


    Mentioned above are all the possible details that help you completely about the scope of GNM nursing courses in India. All you need to do is to pick the best nursing college in India and get admission.

    Some of the common obligations are the fees of GNM courses can range between  25,000- Rs 1,50,000 annually. You need to enhance your interpersonal skills and observation skills. This would be the best career choice for the one ever.



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