Nursing College Time Management Tips – Well nursing is the only profession that can make you question that why there are only 24 hours in a day. When you are on the fast track of earning your degree it is especially true. The nursing school involves a lot of responsibilities and hence to mark up all the responsibilities well, what is necessary is proper time management. Hence here are some Nursing College Time management Tips.

 Nursing College Time Management Tips

What is Nursing?

In simple words, nurses are life saviors. There are more than 3 million nurses working in the United States. Nurses can coordinate the care for all aspects of overall health while doctors are for treating the special disease. For instance for a patient suffering from chest pain can approach a cardiologist, a nephrologist, and an internal medicine specialist which can prescribe the medications and diagnose and treat the problem whereas the nurse is responsible for the patient’s full care.

Nursing College Time Management Tips

Well, here some of the best Time management tips for nursing college. Some of them are:

Keep a Schedule

One of the first things you should do is review your syllabi for important dates likes assignment deadlines, exam dates, and clinical hours at the beginning of your semester and then add them to your various planning devices such as appointment book, smartphone, tablet, wall calendar, etc. To remind yourself of the future tasks you can set up the electronic alerts when possible so you are not completely going by memory.

Plan Your Meals

Stop wasting precious study time in doing household chores and preparing meals when you are hungry. Hit the grocery store on the weekend and create a shopping list during the week. To save time you can also prepare the food in advances such as sups, roasts, or casseroles and just heat the meal before hitting the books again. Also, you can order at night if you have especially a busy day. Prepare small meals if you are going to be on campus day so that you can take them with you such as fruit, vegetables, trail mix, and chips, etc.

Stay Organized

You can save a lot of time and frustration in nursing school by taking time at the beginning of the week t organize your school and personal responsibilities. Make a to-do list for every day and establish the tasks you need to get done that week. To quickly get back to your books where you left off you can keep your supplies and study materials organized in a designated location.

Be Flexible

Don’t get frustrated if the assignment takes more than the expected time. You can flag less urgent items for another time by reviewing your tasks for the day. Have a backup plan if you are there is an emergency or an illness. Contact the instructors if you need to miss a Sim lab or clinical rotation and familiarize yourself with your instructors’ absence policies. To fill the gaps work with your study group.

Break up with the social networks

Extended time on social media networks is often a huge distraction, no doubt your aunt and family updates attract you. hence only login after you complete your school work and limit your time on social networks.

Take the needed breaks

After getting the nursing job the novice nurses are often surprised and learn there is truly no way to predict how a day will go. To turn a routine day into a blur of exhausting activity all it takes a phone call. Hence you find yourself exhausted then take a break for few minutes and have a snack while updating the charts of the patients. There is no guarantee of lunch break in the job of nursing. It is quite possible that the dish you have made with love to have in uh may not hit your stomach that day or even you want to get time to put your lunch in the break room.

Reduce stress

Stress is the key to improper time management. Don’t run on the same road as others do. Instead of getting panic and overload by stress from the workload try calming your mind with the activities you love and manage the stress in the best way you can.


Hence these are the best Nursing college time management tips you can follow to manage your time well in nursing college. Also for good time management work with a proper schedule.


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