Nursing Salary In Government Jobs – Nursing is the best profession to follow in the field of healthcare. It involves taking care of families, individuals that help in attaining and maintaining the quality of life and optimal health. Mostly the nurses work under the prescription of the physicians. The nursing career has vast opportunities in both the government and the private sector. 

Nursing Salary In Government Jobs

Not only this nursing job provides enough facilities and opportunities for training and enhancing the knowledge. Not only this it is the only job in the field of healthcare that offers more flexibility. There are a lot of nursing careers available you can opt for working as a nurse. Nursing offers both professional and personal benefits. The amazing thing about the nursing career is the satisfaction you feel while helping others by caring for their health. 

What are government nursing jobs?

Government nursing jobs are the permanent nursing jobs in the nursing career. They are best as they offer job security and satisfactory pay to the nurses. Government nursing job also offers job security which is the main perk of doing a government nursing job. They cannot make your work more than the working hours as they have the fixed working hours.

Becoming a government nurse is a popular career path for those looking for a healthcare career. As it is a safe, reliable, and secure career and means of making a living if you have RN certification. But it is imperative to note that working as an RN is not for everyone. 

Nursing Salary In Government Jobs

Government nursing jobs pay very reasonable and good pay. The best thing to note about the government salaries is that they offer fix and timely salaries. Here is the list of nursing salaries in government jobs.

Nursing salary in Central Government Departments

According to the 7th pay commission, government staff nurses are recruited at level 7. They may be recruited according to the 6th pay commission with a pay of 4600. The basic pay for starting a staff nurse at level 7 is 44900 rupees per month. 

The staff nurse has entitled to 24% h r an allowance in the Tier 1 metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. According to & pay commission staff nurses also get a nursing allowance of 7200 rupees. There are also many other allowances nurses avail are dearness allowance and travel allowance.

Rupees 67000 per month will be the gross starting salary of RRB staff nurse, AIIMS staff nurse, ESIC staff nurse, and CGHS staff nurse. Note that GNM staff nurse, BSc nursing staff nurse get more allowance than too around 70000 rupees.

After the deduction of the national pension scheme and medical charges, the in-hand salary will be 5000 or lower for a staff nurse. the staff nurse is also eligible for more benefits such as dress allowances, medical benefits, children benefits, etc.

Salary Of Staff Nurse In State Government

Central Government department nurse salary is more in comparison to State Government department.  The states like Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Bihar offer good salaries. It is in the range of 55 to 70 thousand per month in comparison to the central government. Southern states like Kerala also offer good salaries. 

States like Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Gujarat, etc. offer fewer salaries.

Salary Of Staff Nurse On Contract

In various departments, the salary of the staff nurse varies from 15000 to 40000. Contract nurses’ pay is less as well in the states who pay less salary to the regular staff nurse. 

Perks of doing a Nursing Government job

There are a lot of benefits of doing a government nursing job. Some of them are:

  • Job security – The best thing to jot about the Government Nursing job is that it is permanent. There is no risk of losing the job. Hence government nursing job offers better job security. 
  • High salaries – The pay that is offered by the government too is nurse employees offers a basic standard of living. 
  • Flexible work schedule – The best thing to note about the government nursing job is that it has a flexible schedule and hence offers you the great flexibility to manage your schedule as per your needs. 
  • Training benefits – “Learning is never done”, as there is a lot of things to learn each new day. In the same way in the job of government nursing, along with nursing, there is a chance to enhance the knowledge and growing your experience.

Hence Government nursing job is the best and good salary offering profession in healthcare nurses can go for!


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