How to Become a Nurse – “A nurse is one who opens the eyes of a newborn and gently closes the eyes of a dying human. It is indeed a blessing to be first and last to witness the beginning and end of life.” This quote explains well the importance of nurses in the healthcare system. The process and steps to become a nurse are not difficult at all. You just need to follow your passion and success will be the most obvious result, therefore. Here you will get a clear idea regarding how to become a nurse.

How to become a nurseNurses act as a liaison in between the two i.e., patients and doctor. The profession is an amazing platform to work for humanity. As you will be a life savior of thousands of lives. The healthcare industry is really huge and if you are trying your hand in it, you are about to make the best decision of your life. Because the booming healthcare industry is there with end number of nursing jobs. But for that, you need to know what are the requirements to become a nurse.

Nurses are the fulcrum of the entire healthcare system. So this implies that you are not open to opportunities only but much bigger responsibilities too. So make sure you are getting the best training to become a nurse. Because this can flourish your nursing career in any country and in any organization you want. Let us proceed further for knowing how to become a registered nurse.

Appealing Nursing Job Opportunities

First, before we move to explore the process to become a nurse, let us introduce you to the aims for which you can join the field. The perk of joining a nursing career is that no matter you are a diploma holder or having a doctorate degree, all are going to have a job. The only difference you can see is the salary slab. Higher study and better skills will assist you in getting the best jobs worldwide. Please bring your attention to some major job roles you can enter into and grow well.

  • Nurse practitioners.
  • Midwife nurse.
  • Nursing lecturer.
  • Legal nurse.
  • Forensic nurses.
  • Nurse anesthetists.
  • Travel nurse.
  • Corporate nurse.
  • NG nurse.
  • Informatics nurse specialists.

In addition, there are professions like a psychiatric nurse, critical care nurse, research nurse, etc. There is no dearth of opportunities but yes, there is the shortfall of skilled and registered nurses in India. The scenario is not different in other countries too. So motivate yourself to follow the right procedure to become a nurse and explore the nursing career at its best.

How to Become a Nurse Practitioner?

Amidst a plethora of career options, you just need to prefer the one which falls in your interest area. And in addition to your interest check out the potential future growth too. Fortunately, you need not worry about the scope of nursing because it’s really broader. You will be holding the key responsibilities of taking care of the patient health implementing whole knowledge and skills. But to be competent enough to take on these responsibilities, you need to know how you can become a nurse. Check out the steps mentioned further.

Course Selection

You have already selected the career i.e., nursing. Now its time to look for the path through which you will be taking to reach your career goal. Either you can go for a nursing diploma course or degree course. Following are the entry-level courses to start leaving your dreams.

  • ANM.
  • GNM.
  • B.Sc. nursing.

There are many more postgraduate nursing courses which will open the opportunity doors for some much better job positions. So if you want the highest paying nursing jobs, higher studies can be a viable option.

Check Out the nursing Eligibility Criteria

What qualifications do you need to become a nurse? The most significant step where your eligibility for the course is mandatory. The different nursing college will be having different eligibility standards. But most probably following will be the prerequisites to become a nurse in most of the colleges, have a look.

  • 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • An aggregate of 45-50% marks in 10+2.
  • 10+2 in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Physical and mental fitness.
Reserve Your Seats with Top Nursing College

The institution from which you are getting the knowledge and training plays a vital role in your success. Because the best nursing college will accompany you in getting good results and will offer placements with top healthcare organizations. Overall this will act as a foundation stone for your career. So whether through entrance exams or direct admissions, reserve your seats with the esteemed and recognized nursing institute.

Time and Money Investment

For reserving the seats with top nursing institute check out the nursing fee structure beforehand. Choose a much economical yet best alternative among all. This will be a minor investment for a bright future career. And then the ones who are much inquisitive to relish the career benefits must be thinking how long does it take to become a nurse. So be patient because that depends upon the course you have chosen.

Complete Your Internship

The internship will introduce you to the actual working scenario. This training period will maximum be of 6 months where you are going to implement all learned knowledge and skills. Try to grab the maximum during this period to use that in further job responsibilities.

Get Registered with State Nursing Council

Next step would be the registration with state nursing council. You need to register yourself with SNC to become a registered nurse. Following will be the registrations.

  • For ANM nurses, you need to register yourself as ANM only.
  • For GNM diploma holders, register yourself as RNRM with SNC.
  • For B.Sc. nursing basic and post basic, get registered as an RN with State nursing council.

Get the Best Placement

Then the final step needs all your efforts and competencies. Either there are government tests for becoming a nurse or you can appear for the interviews. Present every knowledge and skill you have gained throughout your learning period in the most efficient manner.

Skill Set Adding Value to Your Nursing Career

Nowadays only bookish knowledge and skills cannot do the magic all alone. You need to be proficient enough with other skill set too. Because these skills can act as the X-factor. Here are some skills that are value-adding to your resume and personality as well. Check out these skills.

  • Communication skills.
  • Listening skills.
  • Observation skills.
  • Situation handling skills with analytical thinking.
  • Empathy attitude.
  • Passionate and honesty towards work.
  • Multitasking.

So these are the 8 best steps on how to become a nurse. You can add some more to this list and your experience with gaining more knowledge and skills. The field is full of opportunities, you just need to dig on the right place i.e., choose the right course and profession afterwards. Make sure you are indulging yourself thoroughly to grab maximum knowledge and skills at the learning stage. And then see the continuous tremendous growth.

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