Different Roles Of Nurses In Hospital – “When you are a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours. The role of nurses in healthcare is really commendable. These linchpins are the heart of the whole healthcare system. Without nurses, even doctors are nothing. Amidst different profession, this is the most respectful, self-actualizing, and contentful one. There are different roles of nurses in the hospital which will attract you towards the profession, move further to know.

Different Roles Of Nurses In HospitalsWhenever you leave a hospital after an unfortunate incident, be thankful to the nurses more than the doctor. Because it is the nurse who takes care of you in every 24 hours of the day. Your doctor will just check you and observe you, that’s it. A  nurse will always be standing there around you to give the best care. There are various roles of a nurse in hospital which depicts their importance quite well. This is a compassionate job which needs your full dedication as you are hired to save the lives of people.

Why are Nurses Important in Hospitals?

Nurses are not only a service provider which provides their service. They provide you with an experience, a full home care experience. A liaison between the patient and physician is a nurse. So a nurse is the central heart part of whole system. It needs to be perfect, healthy, and strong. Being a life saviour, you need to be strongly committed to your job.

Just imagine hospitals without nurses. This would really be a terrifying thought for the patients and the doctors too. As in the absence of these angels, doctors are not going to get any assistance and patients will not be receiving the proper care. Therefore nurse is a fulcrum of the huge healthcare system.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse in Hospitals

The nurse is a tag which needs a strong commitment on your part. Undoubtedly the job will be returning you the favour back in the form of lucrative salary packages. With the full diligence and savvy work, you will surely grab the best work opportunities throughout the world. You just need to be a keen learner throughout your career to grow with pace.

In addition, performing your professional nursing roles and other duties of a nurse efficiently will enlighten your career even more. Let us have a check on the different roles of a nurse, scroll down.

First Aid Services

First and foremost thing a nurse has to do is to perform the first-aid services. Till the doctor comes, a nurse is going to take care of the patient. And if there is some kind of requirement for first aid services, the nurse will be serving here for that too. So they act as the primary healthcare person to your problems.

Preparing Patient for Treatment

Nursing job is really a responsible position in which you need to be attentive and careful at every step. Whenever a patient comes to the hospital, it is the nurse who is going to handle the patient for the first few minutes. An empathetic attitude is really needed when the patient is about to get the treatment. So a nurse needs to be skilful enough to prepare the patient for further treatment with some stress reliever tactics.

Primary Healthcare Roles of a Nurse

Being a primary contact person, there are various roles of nurse which depicts their importance well. This role needs your professional nursing roles and some innate qualities too. Below mentioned are some specific roles a nurse is going to perform, go through them.

  • Help the patient to calm down and relax.
  • Making the patient comfortable.
  • Recording the problem and symptoms.
  • Observing the patient.
  • Ensuring if there is emergency treatment required or not.
  • Primary care if needed.
  • Diagnosing the problem and recommending a solution in case the doctor is absent.
  • Recording all the details and data of the patient.

Patient Advocacy

As we have discussed that nurse is the central part who collaborate between the whole healthcare system. As the nurse is the primary contact person, he/she will be having a thorough idea of the problem. So after observing the patient, it is the responsibility of the nurse to present the problem in front of the doctor under patient advocacy nursing roles.

Hospital Quality Management

What is the role of nurses in hospital quality improvement? Nowadays the authorities have become very strict for quality management in every field. And especially when it comes to healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, etc, the hygiene and quality management is a prime task. So as per the government decree, it is mandatory to perpetuate the quality of place, equipment, and services. This key role is being performed by nurses itself.

24*7 Care of the Patient

The job demands a great allegiance towards your profession. Because improving patient health, and sustaining it well is a complex task which nurse do amazingly well. There may be patients who are mentally challenged or in life-threatening situations. In that case, you are required to be a proficient nurse to be attentive and active all the time with some amazing set of situation handling skills.

Educating Patient

With an extreme fortunate, when there is the discharge of the patient, a nurse is the one who will be educating the patient or his/her family for further care. What are the do’s and don’t afterwards? This will be one of the duties of a nurse to ensure avoiding further complications.


Therefore these are some major roles of nurses in hospital. If you are interested to join this respectful profession, be passionate, be honest, and most importantly be skilled enough to save thousands of lives. Prefer the best nursing training where you will get thorough knowledge which you can implement in the field. And be prepared with some valuable skills to perform different duties of a nurse.

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