ANM Nursing Salary In India – The rising demand for nurses manpower in India is responsible for the slight increase in the number of nursing institutes. Therefore it is becoming easy for those who seek a successful nursing career. Around 60% of these colleges are offering ANM and GNM courses. ANM is the course with which you can put a bright career foundation for you. In addition, whosoever is having high dedication and zeal towards this profession, ANM nursing salary in India will surely be quite impelling for you.

ANM nursing salary in IndiaWhile we invest our self all in any vocational course, we come up with the mindset of getting a good job with satisfactory remuneration. One assurance that the nursing field can give is for the jobs availability. Around 22000 ANM nurses need to enter into the health system every year and up to 4 lakh GNM nurses. Because they are playing the role of the heart in maintaining the good health of the country. And the ANM nursing salary packages in India are attracting most of the youth.

Your single and minor contributions can make greater differences to gift the health and lives to the needy one. Convalescing the patient health and performing all curative measures can help you work for humanity and to make money as well. The salary of an ANM nurse in India is the optimum one. And you will get platforms to enhance your skills and salary as well with time. The right choice of ANM nursing jobs in India can help you explore your potential well to grow at a faster rate.

Can I Get a Good Job after ANM Nursing Course Completion?

That must be the most common question most of the aspirants want to know. Yes, there are jobs after ANM Nursing courses which can help you earn quite good. Rest depends upon your passion and knowledge. Those who want to start working in an actual work environment can join a health organization just after the completion of your Auxilliary Nursing and Midwifery course. Some of the major job types for ANM nurses includes.

  • Staff nurse.
  • ICU nurse.
  • Home care nurse.
  • Nursing Tutor.
  • Community health nurse.
  • Infection control nurse.
  • Senior nurse educator.
  • Certified nurse assistant.

ANM nursing salary in IndiaThere are some other ANM nursing jobs also which you can opt for.  You can visit the online platforms for ANM nurse 2019-2020 job vacancies. The only thing you need to do for bright nursing career is to choose the right source for grabbing that vocational nursing training. Be wise to research well for India’s top ANM nursing institutes and then select the one. Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing can be the perfect option for your best ANM nursing training in India.

ANM Nursing Job Areas to Look into for Your Choice of Career

Aforementioned are some of the nursing job positions which you can work on. And you can check the latest news about nurses salary in India of these nursing jobs. The choice of every person may differ for the organization they want to work in. There may be people who want to promote the rural health of the country. And there may be some nurses who are looking for growth in their career so they are opting that one job areas.

Even there can be some with the view of helping needy people with some non-governmental organizations. In addition, many of you must be preparing yourself for the government ANM nursing jobs also. Because you must be hankering to enjoy the higher government staff nurse salary in India. So the field is available with all sort of job roles and area option. Below mentioned are the major one of them, you can check out.

  • Old age homes.
  • NGO’s
  • Government hospitals.
  • Community health center.
  • Government dispensaries.
  • Rural health centers.
  • Government health programmes.

So you can select any one which is best suitable for your interest and passion. The options don’t end up here only, plethora range of alternatives are there. You just need to be eligible for performing that job role. And then you can enjoy a handsome ANM nursing salary in India and abroad as well.

What is the Average Salary of An ANM Nurse in India?

Obviously, you will be interested to know about all information on ANM nursing course details, scope, vacancies, recruitment, jobs, and salaries in India. Because this will convince you to invest your time and money in that whole training procedure. The detail which will be on high focus is the salary of an ANM nurse in India and foreign countries. Because salary is the one factor to motivate you for more growth.

The average salary of an Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife in India at the entry level is around Rs 10,00-12,000. ANM nurse government jobs are also offering somewhat the same salary. The minimum annual salary package of an ANM nurse will be RS 1,20,000. And it will you who will be deciding the maximum one for you. Gain the experience as much as you can and then enjoy the higher ANM nurse pay scales in India.

Value Adding Nursing Courses to Join After ANM

The choices will never be the same for two different individuals. There may be some students who have the urge to learn more in the field to make the entry at higher job position with knowledge and skill enhancement. This can be possible with the higher studies after ANM nursing. This will add greater value to your resume and the nursing job pay scale will also differ. And the B.Sc. and M.Sc. Nursing jobs salary in India is quite high and lucrative.

ANM nursing salary in IndiaThe choice is all yours as you can explore the knowledge up to the Ph.D. after ANM nursing. By moving step by step, you can keep enhancing your knowledge area and expand the nursing career opportunities for you. You can scroll down to know some of the major courses you can join after ANM.

  • General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM).
  • B.Sc. Nursing Basic.
  • B.Sc. Nursing Post Basic.
  • M.Sc. Nursing.

There are some other specialty nursing courses to which you can opt for. You can look for a career in pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, surgical nursing and many more. This will let you enjoy the higher nurse salaries in India and abroad.


Coming to conclusion with recommending you to choose the best nursing college in India and increase the salary figures of yours with continuous learning and experience. The ANM nursing salary in India will be best enjoyable when you are excellent in performing your job roles well.

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