Scope of ANM Nursing Course in India – Current generation is high on its career aspirations. And therefore not being able to decide which vocational course can be best for them. This information on the scope of ANM nursing course in India will help you get over some of your confusions. Nursing is having several job-oriented courses. And ANM is the one entrance door into that nursing world full of work opportunities. In order to know the scope of ANM nursing in India, scrolling further can be a wise decision.

Scope Of ANM Nursing Course In IndiaANM stands for Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery. The candidates are particularly being trained for general nursing care. Among several vocational courses, choosing ANM nursing after 12th can be a wiser move by keeping future work opportunities in mind. Because India needs over 2 million nurses currently. Therefore you can see the wider scope of ANM nursing courses in India.

The career opportunities in nursing are not only open in India. But the demand is much higher worldwide. There is a need for more healthcare professionals in every country. And nurses play the role of the foundation stone in the healthcare system. So with proper training with thorough knowledge and nursing skills, you are likely to enjoy the scope of ANM nursing abroad too. By the end of this information, we hope you will surely be surfing the internet for ANM admissions 2019.

Are You Eligible for ANM?

Like the way you need to clear an interview for a job, similarly, there are some prerequisites for ANM nursing course too. You need to be qualified enough to perform different life-saving activities after completing your nursing course. For that, going through whole ANM course details is necessary. The eligibility requirements for an ANM nursing course are listed below which you can go through.

Scope Of ANM Nursing Course In India

  • Age limit will be 17-35 years.
  • 10+2 with an aggregate of 45-50% marks.
  • Students from medical or arts stream are eligible for ANM course admissions.
  • Physical fitness is necessary.
  • Admission needs to be once in the year.

This is the basic requirement which the candidate is expected to fulfill. Nowadays, your theoretical knowledge cannot do the wonders all alone. At your workplace, you need to enhance your other skills too in addition to the nursing one. Some of the skills which can help you explore the scope of ANM nursing course well are enumerated below, you can check them out.

  • Communication skills.
  • Listening skills.
  • Empathetic attitude.
  • Observation skills.
  • Active and alert nature.
  • Situation handling.
  • Team spirit and patience.
  • Passion, honesty, and dedication towards work.

Career Opportunities and Growth after ANM Nursing Courses

We are mentioning again and again that nursing is a profession where you no longer need to toss about for jobs. Because there is an end number of job vacancies for ANM nurses in India and for other nurses too. So there is no need to worry about whether I will get a job after ANM nursing course completion or not. The job areas which you can join after ANM are as following, scroll down.


Scope Of ANM Nursing Course In India

  • Government hospitals.
  • Dispensaries.
  • Community health centers.
  • NGO’s.
  • Old age homes.
  • Rural health care centers.
  • Government health schemes.
  • Health clinics.

And there are a lot more areas where you can enhance your nursing skills and grow to the maximum. The more you learn and dedicate yourself to the profession, the more pleased you will be with the nursing scope and salaries in India and abroad as well.

What is the Scope of ANM Nursing Course in India?

After seeing the resulting demand for ANM nurses in India due to higher scarcity, the government is promoting more nursing educational institutes. The need for such common health workers is more. Therefore the ANM and GNM colleges in India are more in comparison to others. The scope of ANM nursing in India will become wider when you opt for PG courses or higher studies.

Scope Of ANM Nursing Course In India

ANM and GNM are two diploma courses. Although you are most likely to get a job after this job-oriented nursing course. The job opportunities will be much lucrative and enjoyable after going for nursing degree courses. And the scope of ANM nursing will be much wider in case you are going for higher studies.

After the completion of ANM course, you can pursue your GNM from a best-reputed nursing college of India. Then after that, you can pursue two years degree program i.e., B.Sc. nursing. And then you have the option for M.Sc. nursing. Doing Ph.D. in nursing can widen the scope of nursing in India and abroad for you.

ANM Jobs and Salaries

There are huge demand and work opportunities for nurses all over the world. The country is having the scarcity of skilled nurses for better nursing care. ANM nurses play a major role in maintaining general health in rural as well as in urban areas. They are subjected to work arranging equipments, curing health problems, and maintaining records.

Scope Of ANM Nursing Course In India

In addition, there are several other job responsibilities like caring for pregnant mothers, women, children, and old age patients. Some of the ANM nursing job profiles are given below, go through them for an idea.

  • Health Visitor.
  • Rural health worker.
  • Home nurse.
  • Community health worker.
  • Basic health worker.
  • Traveling nurse.
  • ICU nurse.
  • Nurse Educator.

And there are some more ANM job roles which you can opt for. The more experienced and skilled you are, best and faster career growth you will have. So give it your all to grab all knowledge and skills during this nursing vocational diploma training course.

The salary for ANM job roles will start from 10,000 and you are the deciding factor to raise this figure. The more professional skills you are having, the best nurse salary packages in India and abroad you are going to enjoy. Even you can enjoy highest paid nursing jobs, but adding more value to your resume with pg courses and experience will be needed in that case.

AnM Nursing Course Admissions and Colleges

Now after getting a general idea, if you are interested in the best nursing career opportunities, here is what will be helpful for you. You must be looking for the ANM admission criteria in top nursing colleges. You will have to invest your 2 years with affordable ANM nursing course fees.

The choice is all yours whether you want a seat in govt nursing college of India or the private one. There is an available ANM admission application form 2019 online which you can go through thoroughly.

Scope Of ANM Nursing Course In India

You will need to clear the entrance exam first and then get admissions with top government medical colleges. And if you want to pursue your ANM from private nursing colleges, either direct admissions, merit-based, interview-based, or aptitude based admission will be there. So prepare yourself accordingly.

You can check the top ANM nursing colleges of India and then make sure to pick the most reputed and esteemed one. Because this will be ensuring the best training and placements for you. One college which is doing really a great job for imparting the best quality nursing training in India is Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing.


So this must be satisfying enough to clear you regarding the brighter scope of ANM nursing courses in India. Not only in India, but this field is having much higher growth in abroad too. So hunt for the best ANM nursing college in India and follow the admission procedure. One major thing to focus on initially for selecting a college is checking the placements history of the college. Rest everything needs to be considered in the whole process with giving your 100% towards learning.

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