Nursing Salary In Private Jobs – Want to choose the best profession in the field of healthcare? Nursing is the best to choose. The main purpose of nursing as a career is to take care of the patients. Nursing is the only career in which nurse establishes one to one relationship with the patients. Nursing provides society the special services. 

Nursing Salary In Private Jobs

Nurses work under the guidance of the physician. Nursing as a career possesses a lot of benefits. It is beneficial for both professional and personal purposes. Their traditional role has shaped their images as healthcare providers whereas, in reality, it is more than that. 

What is the private nursing job?

Caring for clients by nurses is all that a private nursing job means. They can be either a registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. The private duty demands working one on one with the individual clients. 

Private nurse service includes service at client’s homes, any institution such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Mostly the compensation in the private nursing job is done by paying privately, private insurances managed care organizations, or Medicaid. Medicare does not extend any hand in payment of private nurses.

Most private nursing jobs are either self-employed or carried on by contractors. Therefore the nurse entrepreneur has experienced a great boom in the economic sector. Non-medical care is also provided by the nurses. Some of them are nursing assistants, personal care attendants, home health aides, etc. Most nurses providing non-medical care cannot provide high-skill nursing care as they do not have a license. 

Nursing Salary In Private Jobs

Survival in private hospitals is very difficult as they offer a very low salary in comparison to State and Central Government.

Location-based differences

The salary of the nurse in private jobs purely depends upon the place of work and hospitals. For instance, you can compare the salaries of the nurse in rural and urban areas. You will end up finding that the salaries of nurses in urban areas are more than that of nurses working in rural areas. Also, many nurses migrate from south India to north India in the search of a good salary. Nurses working in Chennai, Banglore, Kochi, Hyderabad have less salaries than nurses working in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Qualification and experience

Experience and qualification are also one of the main determinants of deciding the pay scale. Some hospitals prefer experience whereas some hunt for qualification. And most of the nurses work at less salary for just gaining a good experience. 

Banglore nurses

Banglore offers a very less salary to the fresher nurses which are about Rs. 12,000 with registration. After the ESI and PF deductions what they carry home with them is Rs. 9,000 only. Whereas a nurse with two years of experience can earn Rs. 25000 per month. The same goes for the cities like Chennai, Kochi, and Hyderabad with slightly different Rs. 3000 – Rs. 4000 depending upon the place they work. Small hospital nurses have the worse condition than those working in MNC. As they face work exploitation and harassment other than poor salary. 

Nurses in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata

Metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata offer good salaries to the staff nurses. Even these cities offer around Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20000 to the freshers as well. But the main problem is registration in this state. Non-registered nurses are offered only around Rs. 10,000. 

Nurse salary in Kerala

A new salary structure was implemented for the nurses that work in private hospitals in Kerela by the Government of Kerela. According to the government, Rs. 20,000 per month in private hospitals having less than 50 beds. This is all result of the nurse’s strike and this salary structure is needed all over India.

Hence this is a salary structure of nurses in private jobs in different areas and cities and criteria. 










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