GNM Nursing Salary In India – The acronym GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. Being an awesome choice for a successful nursing career, GNM nursing salary in India is motivating the youth. Convalescing the health of the patients and providing excellent curative measures to them is what a nurse is expected to do. GNM nurses need profound knowledge and skills in midwifery. Assisting in all surgical operations and providing nursing care will be your job roles. And you can enjoy a satisfactory GNM nurse salary in India.

GNM Nursing Salary In IndiaThe country needs to be supplied with at least4 lakh GM nurses annually. And we are facing a shortage of 2 million skilled nurses overall currently. So that will be a wise move to choose the nursing as your career line. The salary of a GNM nurse in India and abroad is quite fascinating in terms of jobs and growth. A GNM nurse provides the nursing care ranging from observing and analyzing the patient condition till the surgical operations.

The GNM nursing jobs and salaries will differ with the locale in which you are working in. And your skills are also going to decide your success. Try to get the best GNM nursing training in India to make yourself ready for any work environment. A quality training and profound knowledge will help you explore the GNM scope and career opportunities in abroad too. One of India’s topmost nursing institute i.e., Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing can be a perfect choice for your affluent nursing career.

Perks of Choosing Nursing as a Career

People nowadays look for the chances where they can do something for the society. Choosing nursing as a career is offering you to contribute to humanity and even you will be paid for that. Becoming a life saviour is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the courageous and passionate one can make themselves grow. In addition, a lot of blessings you will get for your valuable services to the patients.

GNM Nursing Salary In IndiaThe aforementioned scarcity of over 2 million nurses in India is actually clearing out the nursing scope for you. Our health system needs more skilled nurses to support for the betterment of the population health. The jobs and salaries after nursing in India are getting revised at regular intervals. And now the nursing pay scale is really good and satisfactory and equitable.

The scope of ANM and GNM nursing is really high in the country. Over 37% of GNM nursing schools in India which is maximum among all. The salary for jobs after GNM nursing is the major factor to attract aspirants towards this profession. There is an end number of job vacancies for GNM nurses in India to get the best-skilled nurses for general patient care and taking care of whole childbirth processes. So there is no need to bother about the future scope of GNM nursing in India.

Job Opportunities After GNM Nursing Course Completion

You are likely to enjoy a substantial salary for jobs after GNM nursing. The profession which is not having any cutthroat competition is nursing. The jobs are easily available but on the cost of your dedication and skills. So be confident for the jobs after GNM nursing courses. Nurses play a very crucial role in the management of the overall health system.

You can check out the online portals for the knowledge regarding the latest GNM nursing job vacancies 2019-2020. Find a job which best suits your interests and also you are their eligibility requirements must also be fulfilled by you. Let us look at the job roles for GNM nurses available in India, kindly scroll down.

  • Nursing Tutor.
  • Supervisor nurse.
  • ICU nurse.
  • Community health centre nurse.
  • Home care nurse.
  • Traveller nurse.
  • Midwife nurse.
  • Health care nurse.
  • Government hospital and dispensary nurse.
  • Certified nurse assistant.

No need to worry if your interest area job is not mentioned here. In addition to the aforementioned GNM nursing job types or profiles, there are several others too. You can work in any job area like government hospitals, dispensaries, rural health centres, nursing homes, old age homes, NGO’s, community health centres etc. So the career opportunities area is vast here.

Salary of a GNM Nurse in India

What is the average salary of a GNM nurse in India? How much salary an entry-level GNM nurse is being offered with? When you are about to invest in something, the prime aim is to get the lucrative returns out of it. Similarly, the curiosity to know the figures for GNM nursing salary in India and abroad is quite obvious. Then we must tell you that the after GNM nursing scope is really brighter.

GNM Nursing Salary In IndiaYou must have either completed your 10+2 or are about finish your GNM course off. Because this question is most expected out of these two classes of aspirants. The GNM nurse job salary in India is most probably around Rs 10,000-12,000 at entry level. And in case of GNM salary in India government, the perks which you can relish are lucrative salary and secure jobs.

Only you can give it a hike to the level you want. Increase your keenness and zeal towards the learning and profession to gain more valuable experience. The knowledge and experience will matter a lot to reach at higher pay packages. Therefore there is a great difference in staff nurse, B.Sc., and M.Sc. nursing jobs salary in India.

Hike up Your Nursing Salary with Higher Studies after GNM

What are the courses after GNM nursing? If you are not interested to give your nursing career a start at Rs 1o,000 or 12,000, then higher studies after GNM course completion is a better option. The choice is all yours whether you want to pursue your B.Sc. nursing, M.Sc. nursing degree after GNM or you are interested in PhD level studies.

This is going to enhance your skills as well as the nursing job salary in India and foreign countries. Because B.Sc. and M.Sc. nursing salary in India will be much high in comparison to the salary of a GNM nurse.


Here we are about to end the information with assuring a great future career with lucrative GNM nursing salary in India. Not only in here, but the salary package of a GNM nurse abroad is quite good too. The only thing which offers you promotions and salary hikes is the skills, experience, and dedication for the work. So be enthusiastic to learn as more as you can to explore the top GNM nurse pay scales in India.

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