International Scope of ANM Nursing – Why there is a huge exodus of working professionals to abroad? What is the international scope of ANM nursing? You must be planning to endeavor the nursing field scope. Starting from basics i.e., ANM will be a wise option. And this job-oriented diploma course can help you explore the work opportunities in foreign countries too. To know about the international scope of ANM nursing, keep engaged with us.

International Scope Of ANM Nursing

The reasons for every person looking for career growth in other countries is satisfactory salary packages. Nursing is the profession which always stands out to be the most job offering and growing one. Unfortunately, the world is confronting the shortage of skilled nurses. The foreign countries like Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA, UK are really in need of experienced nurses. Therefore it comes with a wider international scope of ANM nursing.

India has become a pool of talented professionals which other countries are finding valuable one for them. There is a huge nurses manpower in here which are emigrating for better work opportunities abroad. There are different nursing recruitment agencies in India which are playing the role of a mediator for nursing aspirants. Let us acknowledge you in detail for what is the scope of ANM in abroad.

ANM Nursing Course Details

ANM stands for Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife. They are also recognized as multipurpose health workers. The course prepares you for performing general nursing healthcare activities. These are the nurses who work as primary health care professionals in rural areas. ANM nurses are the first contact person in villages.

No need to worry, even if you are willing to work in the urban work environment or in abroad too. The course offers you job platforms in every place and country. This job oriented course is majorly being preferred by the female students. The perk of opting for nursing in India or abroad is never ending scope and job opportunities.

You need to invest 2 years for grabbing all the necessary nursing knowledge and skills. The ANM nursing course duration may differ in some colleges. Below mentioned is the ANM subject list which you can go through for having an overview of the course learning.

In the first year of ANM nursing, the course content will include,

  • Health promotion.
  • Community health nursing.
  • Child health nursing.
  • Primary healthcare nursing.

In the second year, the subjects will be as follows.

  • Midwifery.
  • Health center management.

So these are the ANM nursing course contents. In addition, there will be a 6 months internship which will let you encounter the real work environment. The more excellently you learn during this phase, more will be the national and international scope of ANM nursing.

Jobs and Salaries after ANM Nursing

Nursing is majorly being connected with female healthcare professionals. But to deny this myth, we will say there is a huge scope of nursing for male aspirants too. Most probably, ANM and GNM are the courses for which females are preferred most. The perk of picking nursing as your career choice is the abundance of job opportunities.

Although you need not to bothersome yourself for the jobs after ANM nursing course completion. The ANM salary packages are not as much enjoyable as they are in abroad. Therefore the major reason for the emigration of Indian nurses to the other countries is underpaid nursing jobs.

In India, you the salary of an ANM nurse may start from Rs 10,000 approximately. While comparing this to the ANM salary abroad, this is way too high to that figure. The more skilled and competent nurse you are more is the international scope of ANM nursing for you. Some of the ANM jobs are listed here which you can join, scroll down.

  • Traveling nurse.
  • ICU nurse.
  • Nursing educator.
  • Community health nurse.
  • Home nurse.
  • Health visitor.
  • Rural nurse.
  • Clinical nurse.

These are only some shortlisted jobs which are quite commonly preferred by ANM nurses. There are much more job areas and profiles on which you can work in. These jobs are the best suitable one for you when you are enough skilled, passionate, honest, dedicated, and selfless towards your work.

What is the International Scope of ANM for Indian Nurses?

As discussed earlier, India is a pool of a huge set of skilled talent and professionals. Some of the major push and pull factors for nursing jobs abroad are already mentioned in previous paragraphs. Demand for skilled and registered nurses is high worldwide. Consequently widening the scope of ANM nursing in foreign countries.

Nursing is a noble profession in which you get the chance to work for mankind. And if you want to build a career in this field, don’t give it a second thought, just go for it. Because you will feel mesmerized with the growing and lucrative international scope of ANM nursing. Even though the scope of ANM nursing in India is also good, but its best in abroad if you are looking for satisfactory and lucrative ANM nurse salary packages.

Build Your Nursing Career in Foreign Countries

Likewise, you need to fulfill the eligibility requirements of the ANM course. Similarly, you will need to match up the policies of a country to relish the international scope of ANM nursing. The first thing you will need to be competent at is English proficiency. Because this is the most basic eligibility requirement and compulsory too. Communication is the major factor for your success in any profession.

In order to explore and enjoy the ANM nursing work opportunities and salaries in abroad, you will need to make sure you are ready for that or not. There are several countries where different exams or assessment criteria will be there for permitting your visa and work. Majorly there will be bridging and adaptation program which will help you become a registered international nurse. Listing here major one of them from to help you decide which country is best for Indian nurses, check them out.

  • The major controlling body in the UK to assess your competencies is Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Overseas Nursing Program is one other option.’
  • There is a huge scope of GNM nursing in Canada. And the ANM salary in Canada is also quite a relishable one. To be a registered nurse in Canada, you will need to go through some licensure tests like NCLEX RN, CRNE, CPNRE, etc.
  • In order to become a registered nurse in the USA, the same assessment tests will be there for Canada. English language proficiency test for every country will also be there.
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) is the one controlling authority which handles all the activities for abroad nurse emigration. For Australia, you will need to accomplish the registered nursing program under Registration for International Nurses. Then after this, the final step will be your registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
  • In case you want to work in New Zealand, New Zeland Nursing Council holds some competency assessment tests or programs.
  • There is a huge scope of ANM in Ireland. So if you want to explore that, Board Altranais Nursing Board will be the one to help you in registering yourself in Ireland. The ways to become a registered nurse in Ireland are adaptation or bridging programs.


So we hope that this is enough to make you familiar with the international scope of ANM nursing. You can look for other specific details too and then make up your mind for choosing a country of your choice for best work opportunities. And if your aspirations are high to work with the best healthcare entities or hospitals abroad, make sure you are choosing the best nursing college of India to get ANM training from. In that case, Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing is the leading ANM nursing college in India which you can choose.

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