Scope of Bsc Nursing Post Basic in Australia – Well looking for a career that is challenging and rewarding career on the frontline of healthcare? Including workplace safety, emergency medicine, and mental health you can work in a huge range of areas. Also in the quality of life for your community, you will make a real difference. The BSC Nursing Post Basic has a wide scope In Australia. Explore the blog till the end to know about the wider scope of the BSC Nursing Post Basic In Australia.

Scope of Bsc Nursing Post Basic in AustraliaTo your career as well as health, Nursing is a launchpad. Also, the places that you never thought possible will take you to that. At the Mata Sahib Kaur College of Nursing we through both post-graduate and undergraduate study programs we support your goals. Also with the nursing leaders and Clinical experts, we have a strong partnership. Hence probably this college is best for both the undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

Eligibility required for B.Sc. post-basic nursing course

Well, the candidate must be eligible for pursuing B.Sc. Post basic Nursing course. Here are some of the criteria you need to follow to get admission in the B. Sc. Post basic Nursing Course.                                                 

  • From a well-known board preferably in the science stream, the candidate should successfully clear the +2 class. 
  • Must be Registered as a registered nurse and registered midwives. 
  • In general nursing and midwifery must possess a three-year diploma. 
  • After getting registered as RNRM, the candidate must have a minimum of two years of experience in the profession. 
  • A certificate in any of the nursing courses of 6-9 months is required for the aspirants who have not done midwifery in GNM. Also, the candidate must prescribe by Indian Nursing Council instead of Midwifery. 

B.Sc. Nursing Post Basic Scope in Australia

In the field of healthcare sectors, nurses play a vital role. Hence aspirants can find decent job profiles in both government and private healthcare sectors with the degree in Post Basic BSc. The areas include hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, community health centers, NGOs, etc. also after the post-basic BSc the students are required to obtain a master’s degree for better career opportunities. After post-basic BSc, the students are required to obtain a master’s degree. Well here are the top profiles that a student can go for in Australia after obtaining the BSc Nursing Post Basic Course:

  • Nurse instructor: Being very much responsible for the planning, development of a Nurse Instructor is one of the best jobs available in Australia. 
  • Chief nursing officer: To manage clinical and patient care standards are One of the major responsibilities of a chief nursing officer. Hence To ensure that patients are safe in the hospitals and will be served with appropriate medical care is the work of the CNO. 
  • Nurse Manager: To evaluate the performance of the staff nurses, a nurse controller is a professional. Also, the Nurse Manager performs the duties such as professional development, interviews, and hires nurses, etc. 
  • Paramedic nurse: The work of driving and staffing ambulances, responding to emergency cases is the responsibility of a Parademic Nurse. They help patients in getting treatment in the emergency and much more. 
  • Critical care nurse: Being responsible for taking care of seriously injured and ill patients Critical care nurses assess patients’ medical condition; perform diagnostic tests, and helps doctors with the required medical process. 
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation specialists: They help well in curing people suffering from mental issues. 
  • Nursing assistant: To serve basic care to the patients and assist them in daily activities like bathing, a nursing assistant is a trained professional.


Hence this is the scope of the B.SC nursing post basic in Australia. The students who wish to get into the course must pass the eligibility criteria and also needs to have good stamina, flexibility, organization, communication, and leadership skills, and a well-understood of the basics. 


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